Accelerate your system with FPGA

We undertake logic circuit design for FPGA from IP core development to system integration according to customer's request.

Software and FPGA experts support short-term, low-cost development

FPGA are attracting attention as a means of speeding up systems. As the amount of data flowing through the network increases, the number of cases where cloud providers actually install FPGA cards on the servers of their own data centers is increasing. However, FPGA logic circuit design takes a long time to develop even if there is a specialized team.
In Intellectual Highway’s FPGA development service, software and FPGA development experts support a wide range of customer system development from IP core development to system level integration including software in a short period of time and at low cost.

It provides high-speed processing of network packets, including DDoS filters, IP filters, protocol filters, security filters using DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), protocol conversion, transcoding, and encapsulation.
By building dedicated circuits using FPGAs, it is possible to perform high-speed processing of network packets without additional latency while maintaining a throughput of 100 Gbps or higher. After filtering and conversion, packets can be received by the host machine, just like a normal NIC, and can be processed by conventional applications.

Accelerators, network storage, and other interfaces that go outside the main CPU have mostly converged on PCI Express technologies in recent years.
At the same time, PCI Express is becoming more advanced with each new version, supporting various new technologies such as machine virtualization, network virtualization, and cache coherency. We design HW accelerator using PCI Express IP, SR-IOV, IOMMU, and other technologies, and assist the design of driver software.

Tech stack


Packet processing, Security processing, Embedded network software, Linux driver development, Real-time image processing

FPGA device

Intel, AMD, etc.


Linux, μITRON, FreeRTOS, Zephyr