Experts across various technical fields

We are a group of engineers with network, security, computer vision, and embedded OS experts. We are not only specialists in a particular field, but also familiar with the technology of designing complex systems where software and hardware work together.
Therefore, our development team can not only provide the developed IP (Intellectual Property), but also propose the optimum system including the necessary components to adapt to your system. We take it for granted and surprisingly difficult to make this optimal combination.

Endless challenges to new technologies

The technologies we provide are high-speed processing of large amounts of data transmitted through networks, protection of data and monitoring of security, processing of images to make them easier to understand, and extraction of new meanings. It is rooted in a field called computer science.
Computers and information have helped enrich people’s lives in all directions over the last few decades. At the same time, computer science is a broad and deep discipline that involves all disciplines such as science, engineering, and mathematics. Creating a better future through our daily research and discoveries is very rewarding in itself.
We are willing to take on the challenge of new technologies. And if the results of that challenge are useful to society and people and make our customers happy, we would be extremely happy.

Company Profile

Company Name Intellectual Highway, Corp.
Main Business Hardware IP development
FPGA development
Software development
Establishment 2019
Capital 1.6 million yen
CEO Tamon Sadasue

Tamon Sadasue, Representative

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology (2003)
Master of Information Engineering, Tokyo University (2005)
RICOH company (2005 – 2020)
Research of Image processing (7 years)
– Released some new image scanning functions on the copier.
ASIC and platform development (3 years)
Research of 3D image processing, SLAM and the fusion with Deep Learning (5 years)
– Released the Road inspection system using car mounted stereo cameras (2018)
– Research Fellow (2019)

After 15 years work experience with the image processing and the digital circuit design at RICOH, founded Intellectual Highway. which designs network and security processing hardware in the field of computer architecture, which has always been an area of his interest.


#3B, 1-29-9, Hiyoshi-honcho, Kohhoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 223-0062, Japan