From embedded devices to data centers,
Secure, high-speed network processing in hardware

A system that meets the client's needs at low cost in a short period of time

Engineers with the experiences in both software and FPGA development


High-performance and robust secure network processing


Support for your integrated system development


Proposing a high-performance system that combines software and FPGA

Network acceleration for protocol, cryptography, and firewall

Knowledge, experience and integration techniques in various fields are important to achieve the overall optimization of the system.
Intellectual Highway has extensive expertise and extensive development experience in FPGAs, software, networks, security, computer vision, machine learning and more.


Network accelerator IP (TCP/UDP/IP, TLS, Firewall offload)

A full-hardware network accelerator IP core that runs on an FPGA or ASIC. Achieves high throughput, low latency, and high security network processing offload.


FPGA design solution service

Depending on the customer requirements and contract, we develop the logic circuit designs for the FPGA from the IP core development to the system integration.


Accelerate overall system performance

Software and FPGA development experts realize system development at low cost in a short period of time.

Hardware Implementation with the state of art technologies

At Intellectual Highway, we are engaged in research and development of hardware implementation of cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning, and network application protocols that have not been realized, with our original efficient development methods.